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Observing and Adjusting Plans

June 20, 2024

adjusting plans

Retirement might bring about visions of life slowing down and getting far less complicated. However, both time and the experiences of past generations of retirees indicate that the only predictable thing about life is that it is often unpredictable.

No investment plan is totally safe from an economic crisis. The numbers on your current plan may be working out in terms of income vs. expenses. But unforeseen events ranging from personal (unexpected health crisis) to general (stock market crash or rising cost of living rates) can put your plan into jeopardy during a time in life where it is more difficult to recover financially. The upcoming presidential election brings even more uncertainty1 for the immediate future. The winning party will have a large say on what will happen with sunsetting tax breaks and the funding of Social Security and Medicare.

No one can predict what will happen with certainty, but there are steps that can be taken to help protect your personal finances against the unknown. There are options that can help provide steady income with minimal risk tied to markets. Similarly, if you do not need immediately available funds and want to continue to grow savings, a look at the risk level of your investments could be beneficial to potential continued growth while helping to protect against volatility in the markets.

Please schedule your retirement income planning consultation and we can show you more tips and advice on ways to keep your retirement planning and finances steady, even when the rest of the world can seem unpredictable.