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Asset Spring Cleaning

You have heard of spring cleaning your house, but your financial assets need the same attention. You worked hard for what you have saved and you should take time to make sure everything is in good order. This month, we encourage you to list your assets and evaluate them. Here...

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Portfolio Review

Reviewing your portfolio allocation each year is an important step to staying on track for success in retirement. As you get closer to retirement, you will likely want to scale back on riskier investments to avoid a potential big loss. When you are 30 and have 30-45 more years of work...

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Retirement Statistics

With the average lifespan on the rise, many Americans spend a lot more time in retirement. This is a great trend to see. However, it beckons the need for a sound financial plan to account for the later stages of life – especially for women. On average, women live longer than...

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