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Challenges Women Face

March is Women’s History Month, and women continue to play an increasingly important role in finance. 44 of the companies on the 2022 Fortune 500 list were led by females.1  As we celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women, we have to acknowledge the potential risk factors they face when it...

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RMD Changes for 2023

Earlier this month, we discussed the recently-passed SECURE 2.0 Act and its overall impact on retirement. Now let’s focus on one of the key components of this legislation: required minimum distributions (RMD). The RMD is the amount you must take out of your account to avoid tax consequences and is...

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2023 Taxes & Retirement

Tax season is upon us and now is the time to prepare! Recently we have experienced record-high inflation rates, rising interest rates, and stock market volatility. It is no surprise that all these factors will have an impact on taxes. Here are some of the key tax changes for 2023 that you...

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