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Portfolio Review

March 16, 2023

portfolio review

Reviewing your portfolio allocation each year is an important step to staying on track for success in retirement.

As you get closer to retirement, you will likely want to scale back on riskier investments to avoid a potential big loss. When you are 30 and have 30-45 more years of work and no distributions in sight, it makes sense to be aggressive.  But this is not true if you are 55 and looking to retire in 5-10 years. The five-year period before you retire is often referred to as the “retirement red zone.” This time is all about preservation.

Many people choose to reevaluate their portfolio with their advisor at the beginning of each year. Some plan it around their birthday. The key is to meet with your advisor regularly to discuss your financial goals for retirement so they can make sure your strategy remains aligned with those goals.

Your retirement strategy needs regular maintenance the same way your car does. Doing so will help you reach your destination safely. To schedule a time to review your current strategy or to receive expert advice on starting one, please contact our office today.

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