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Pre-Test: Financial Health Check

August 4, 2022

financial health check

You’re probably used to going to the doctor for regular health screenings, right? Well, your financial health deserves care and attention as well.
Do you really know how prepared you are for retirement? If you’re unsure, maybe you need a “check-up” to help you understand how you’re doing. “It’s an opportunity to review how you’ve done financially over the past twelve months and make sure you’re still headed in the right direction when it comes to managing your money.”1
Here are the helpful steps you can take to better understand the state of your financial health:

  1. Identify Your Goals1
  2. Evaluate Changes in Your Personal Situation1
  3. Protect Your Assets1
  4. Prepare for the Unexpected1
  5. Evaluate Your Investment Performance1
  6. Evaluate Your Debts1
  7. Reduce Your Income Taxes1
  8. Review Your Retirement Plans1

Your financial future is too important to leave up to chance. We are here to help you complete your financial checkup, which we suggest conducting at least once a year. Our goal is to help you prepare for whatever your financial future may hold which starts with knowing where you currently stand.
Contact us to see how we can help you with your financial check-up!